Semiotic Figures (2019)

The dance performance „Semiotic Figures“ sheds light on various trends that have influenced Germany between the 1920s and the modern era. Thus the scenery alternates between elements of classic modernism of the Bauhaus of the 20s, the electro pop of the 70s and the Berlin techno culture of the 2000s. These time periods are represented by Oskar Schlemmer with his „Triadic Ballet“, the vocalist Klaus Nomi and the band Kraftwerk with their revolutionary music of the 70s, and the DJ Paul Kalkbrenner, who has played a key role in shaping techno culture in modern times.
In „Semiotic Figures“, these currents come together and are experimentally tested in the spatial interplay of body, space and object.
In compositional experiments that are both plastic and dynamic, the choreographic complex of costume – movement – music, the physical attributes of space – form – color, the three geometrical basic forms circle – square – triangle, the three spatial dimensions height – width – depth and the primary colors red – yellow – blue challenge different performative situations and new movement possibilities.

27. Februar- 2. März 2019 in Taichung, World Flora Exposition (Taiwan) & in Taipeh im MICA