Schreberish (2019)

During the World Garden Exposition in Taiwan urban collective and guests from Germany present the danceperformance „Schreberish“- a retrospective of the two pieces „Schrebers Visionen“ and „Schrebers Prozess“. It´s reflecting life and work of Daniel Gottlob Schreber, the namesake for the popular allotment gardens in Germany. Although his medical writings and guides for raising children were revolutionary for the time of the 19th century at the time, for us from today´s perspective they are fanatically restricting educational methods. In his works, such as in the book „Education to beauty through faithful and uniform promotion of normal body formation“ Schreber´s straightforward ordered idea of society becomes clear, which is also reflected in the structure of the allotments.
During the piece the audience experiences aspects of the shrewish family life, disputes with his philosophy as well as current tendencies in dealing with social norms.

27. Februar- 2. März 2019 in Taichung, World Flora Exposition (Taiwan) &
2. Mai 2019, 17:30 Uhr im Kleingartenverein „Bergmannsruh“ in Regis-Breitingen zur Abschlussausstellung in den Ateliergärten beim Kunstprojekt „Inside Out“ des Kulturbahnhof e. V.